What is Show Horse Sport Horse©?

Show Horse Sport Horse© is a small business that sells clothing and accessories featuring off-breed horses in sport horse disciplines.

What are off-breeds, you ask? They are the horses found within particular riding disciplines who are not specifically bred for their sport. For example, whereas the warmblood-type horses typically dominate the dressage ring, American breeds such as the Quarter Horse, Paint, and Morgan are less well-known in these settings.

This is not for lack of ability. These horses, along with many others, are the true MVPs of the sport horse world, not only for their athletic versatility but also for their intelligence, attitude, and general rideability. Because of this, these off-breed horses are rocking the sport horse scene, kicking booty and taking names! My goal is to put a spotlight on these amazing horses.

Noticing the need for more representation of these normal horse breeds in the sport world, I sought to create an apparel brand that riders could wear to represent their chosen horse breed at shows, around the barn, or around the town. Show Horse Sport Horse© and its sub-brand Stock Horse Sport Horse© offers a wide range of breeds (and growing!) on products ranging from tees and sweatshirts to baseball caps, helmet and gear bags, and more! There is certainly something for everyone. Don’t see your favorite horse breed yet?—Recommend it to me!

In addition to my goal of promoting off-breed horses in the sport world, Show Horse Sport Horse© also helps supplement my own off-breed dressage horse’s training and show budget. Read more about Nautica here!

In 2020, Nautica and I were able to compete in our first couple of recognized dressage shows due to profits made from Show Horse Sport Horse©. We were able to earn our first few scores toward our Training Level goals as well as our first blue ribbons in dressage and our first show highpoint breed award. We want to thank everyone who purchased an item from us in 2020. We truly couldn’t have accomplished our goals without your support.

All artwork on Show Horse Sport Horse© products are entirely hand-designed by me, Sheila Palmer, AnimatedTrot Design, and can only be found here and through my Etsy storefront.

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