About Us

Nautica is a 2006 registered American Saddlebred gelding by Belle Reve’s Renaissance Man and out of Reefing by Periaptor

I bought Nautica as a six-year-old after after having shown him for a year while marketing him as a junior exhibitor’s horse. He was purchased as my first “step up” show horse out of academy, which is the saddleseat discipline’s version of schooling classes.

Nautica was not an easy ride at first. Strong and game, he was everything an American Saddlebred show horse should be. He naturally had a high-stepping trot but could also canter in a teacup. On days when I could get him to focus he was the ideal equitation horse, however, those talents came with an attitude to match. Between spooking, bucking and one incident in which we almost took out a judge, our show record was pretty hit or miss. Despite the spotty record in our first year of showing we earned enough ribbons to win our state’s highpoint championship award in juvenile show pleasure and a reserve in equitation, both very competitive classes.

Nautica earning reserve champion in show pleasure at the Northeast Georgia Foothills Charity horse show, 2014

In 2015 Nautica suffered a major injury as a result of a trailering accident. A few days after the incident, Nautica became progressively more and more lame in his hind end. Our veterinarian determined that he had fractured his sacrum on the right side of his back near his SI joint. The prognosis was guarded due to the nature of the injury and the lack of affordable treatment options. Nautica spent about a year on stall rest with hand walking-only privileges and various medications. It was a long year. Fortunately, we were very lucky for this type of injury and after a two-year total recovery and rehabilitation period Nautica was able to return to light work.

Three years since his recovery, Nautica had been able to show in a few equitation classes at small, barn-hosted shows as well as locally at one of our state’s rated shows. As a saddleseat horse he had good days and bad days and still carried a little post-traumatic stress about hauling long distances. Nautica was becoming bored with his lifestyle as “non-showing show horse” and in the fall of 2018 we decided that it was time for a change.

Twelve seemed like the perfect age for Nautica to take up a new challenge and I found the idea of him learning basic dressage to be the ideal next step. Nautica moved to his new barn in the December of 2018 and we began working with a dressage trainer. We are very excited to see where his new lifestyle takes us.

Nautica at his new home, River Rock Stables in Harvest, AL

I am thrilled to have such a willing and talented horse who beat the odds of a career-ending injury and who I get to fall in love with all over again. We are excited to share our progress as we take on this new challenge!