Ten Day Photo Challenge (more or less)

Once again, I’m a little behind schedule on posting here. Or quite possibly, my once-a-week posting goals are a little too intense for the amount of energy I have to spend staring at a screen at the end of the day. I’m fairly certain there’s a grand total of, like, seven people that follow the adventures of the Palmer family of horses, and even that number might be a little generous. Maybe more like five. And a half. Anyway, To you five and a half people, I want to say thanks for keeping up with Nautica, Lacy and me.

I was nominated by Virtual Brush Box to participate in the 10 Day Photo Challenge. Since I am kind of not good at following rules, I’m going to make a few of my own. And then probably not follow them either.

First of all, ten is a very limiting number. My horses’ accomplishments and experiences can not be limited to a numeric amount! Pictures of Nautica alone could fill an entire photo album with my top favorite moments involving him (spoiler: it’s every moment) so there will absolutely be more than ten photos. Second, I am going to post descriptions with some of my pictures. Because I want to. This is a blog, so like it or not, you’re getting context. Lastly, I’m organizing my photos into groups. I’m a fan of organization. I may even title them!

So, before we get all kinds of crazy and insubordinate up in here I’m just going to add: I’m pretty sure that these photos do not mean nearly as much to anyone else as they do to me, but that’s okay. They don’t have to. I am here on my website to share my story, even if it’s just sharing it with myself solely for the purpose of looking back throughout the years. This is by no means all of my top favorite moments, they’re just the ones I could find easily.

So to you four-and-a-quarter people still following along, here we go!


First is Nautica. My Nautica. This big, bay lapdog is my entire world. He is my first “owned” horse and absolutely the end all, be all of horses in my opinion. Nautica has never met a person he didn’t like and arguably has enough personality for 20 horses. We’ve been a team for seven years and while it hasn’t all been all sunshine and good times, Nautica does manage to create his own little bit of brightness wherever he is, regardless of any situation. Nautica is the reason I felt compelled to create this blog. My whole identity is based around this one animal and he is as much a part of me as my heart or lungs. It sounds cheesy because it is.

Mr. Big

Mr. Big! He was the horse that started it all. Big was a horse that I had leased throughout my teenage years, and though he wasn’t my “first” horse experience—that title is reserved for a wily and vindictive little redheaded gelding by the name of Webster—he was the most memorable. Big gave me a lot of first horse adventures, such as first gallop-across-the-pasture-bareback and first riding-related concussion, which may or may not have been connected events. Big allowed me to “swim” him in the creek and he put up with many a wild hack around the property. For an academy horse retired from the show ring, he was still a bit of wild man. Any teenage rebellious attitude I dished out to him he gave right back, and I’ll admit I was pretty rough at sixteen years old. Mr. Big is where some of my superglue-seat stickability skills as a rider came from.


Little Lacy… Lacy is my “rescue” project, an off-track Thoroughbred mare purchased on a whim from an almost-rough situation while I was in my final two years of college. Nautica was in the rehab stage of his injury at the time and I was dying for a horse to work with. Little did I know what I was getting into. My six-month sales flip turned out to be a much more talented, much more quirky little horse than I had first expected. With great athleticism came some sensitivity and also a little baggage from a previous lifestyle. Six months turned into a year and a year turned into three. Unbeknownst to me, college leaves little time for horse training (who knew?) or at least the training and restart an off-track horse needs. That along with lack of knowledge or access to proper instruction set us both on a much longer time frame than was originally anticipated. I’m glad I stuck her out, however. My unassuming, small, skin-and-bones mare turned out to be a kick-ass event horse. We are now in the midst of our first season competing as an eventing team and Lacy is really starting to shine!

So those are my top ten 15 favorite pictures of moments spent with horses. I could absolutely go on to list 30 more photos with detailed descriptions of every lesson horse, catch-ride, and lease I’ve ridden all the way back to 2002, but I believe I’ll save everyone on any more cringe-worthy cheese factor.

If you’re still reading this, surprise: you’ve been nominated to post your own top 10, 15 or even 30 favorite horse-related moments! I want to see your horsey accomplishments and experiences, with or without descriptions, cheesy or not. Share them!

I promise I have a new Nautica post coming up next. We have finally reached a breakthrough in his dressage training and I now have some content to write about!

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